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Medical drugs, which do not heal..., which can be dangerous...?
not being heard..., being treated like a statistic...?

unexplained fatigue...,
painful conditions such as muscle pains, joint pains or headaches...,
chronic infections, allergic or other immune-related problems...,
any chronic, degenerative or undiagnosed disorder...?

Chronic, life-changing and life-threatening diseases demand a truly integrated approach. Although many acute, lesser problems can be dealt with effectively, it is these chronic, serious disorders, which pose the greatest challenge. At the Integrative Health Centre (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) such conditions are always approached at three different levels:

1.  The mind-body-soul connection:
When dealing with these chronic, life-changing and life-threatening diseases, the non-physical aspects of healing are of paramount importance. Counselling includes addressing stress, raising awareness, intentions, spiritual aspects of healing, the practice of mindfulness, etc.

2.  Nutrition, supplements, remedies and water:
Optimum nutrition is vitally important to enhance and maintain health. It is essential to supplement with the best available natural vitamins and minerals. In addition, various herbal formulas, Isopathic and other remedies are used.

Glyconutrients constitute a relatively new, powerful addition to supplementation.
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M-Water and Core Water are break-through products with regards to cellular hydration.
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3.  Therapies and treatments that are safe and effective, such as:

3.1  Chelation
3.2  Ultraviolet light Blood Irradiation
3.3  Intra-venous infusions
3.4  Acupuncture and laser therapy
3.5  Other therapies

3.1  Heavy metal detoxification (Chelation therapy)

Every human being living on planet Earth harbours toxic metals, such as lead, mercury, aluminium and arsenic. These metals are not meaningfully eliminated through the normal excretion pathways, accumulate over time and always seem to be involved as a causal factor regarding chronic illness in general.

Of the metals, we are all exposed to, mercury is the most toxic and even small quantities may have devastating consequences to the body (and mind!). The toxic effects of mercury can be broadly divided into four categories: chronic fatigue, chronic pain of any type, neurological / psychiatric disorders and immune related (e.g. autoimmune and allergic) conditions. These toxic effects result from the way mercury interferes with the most basic body functions, e.g.: the body’s defence against free radicals and hence the worsening of damaging oxidative mechanisms; mercury attacks organs and glands, mitochondria, red and white blood cells, cell membranes and DNA; it inhibits enzyme function and protein synthesis; it increases the permeability of membranes and destroys barrier functions.

With respect to metal toxicity in general, the best-researched disorders are peripheral vascular disease, coronary vascular disease and cerebral vascular disease; in other words: diminished circulation / perfusion to the legs, the heart and the brain respectively.

Metal detoxification may also be of great benefit with autoimmune disorders (e.g. scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and type l diabetes mellitus), chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, neurological disorders, hypertension, and any chronic degenerative disorders, such as cancer, where toxic metals seem to be prominently involved.

Metal detoxification involves the administration of various oral and intravenous “chelating agents”, which are able to bind with toxic metals and thus facilitate their elimination from the body, almost exclusively via the urinary tract.

Testing for metals is routinely done before the onset of therapy, as well as after a certain number of treatments to monitor progress. This testing involves urine analysis after an intravenous “challenge” with chelating agents.

Although minor side effects, such as mild allergic reactions, may rarely occur, metal detoxification is a very safe and exceptionally effective way to assist with reversing chronic disorders. It is arguably one of the most effective ways to prevent disease and boost health and longevity in our ever more polluted environment.

3.2  UBI - Ultraviolet light Blood Irradiation

Ultraviolet light Blood Irradiation is not a new technique, but relatively new in South Africa.

A small volume of blood is extracted and exposed to a very specific type of ultraviolet light, after which it is reinfused into the body.

UV light breaks down bacteria and viruses, as well as immune complexes (associated with allergic and autoimmune disorders). Returning these fragments to the body is most unexpected to the immune system and swiftly sets in motion a chain of reactions. Although the exact mode of action is unknown, a small volume of blood, exposed to UV light, can ultimately boost and modify the whole immune system.

UBI is a very powerful and totally safe way to deal with chronic and acute infectious disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever, shingles, viral encephalitis, viral hepatitis, etc. It has also shown to be very effective when dealing with allergy and inflammation related disorders, such as asthma and eczema, as well as re circulation problems, and it can be of valuable assistence with auto-immune conditions.

At our centre a large number of post–infective chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers have been treated with UBI, as part of an integrated approach, with the overall success rate being > 80%.

As metals and viruses are among the prominent common pathways to all chronic diseases, the safe and effective elimination of these pathogens is a very powerful way to enhance health in our toxic environment. Symptoms often just melt away within a matter of weeks.

New UBI technology is now available at our centre, re the use of multiple UV lamps and UV wave lengths, as well as a much more effective way of exposing blood to the UV light.

3.3  Intra-venous infusions
(with vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, anti-oxidants and various vitamins and minerals)

Intra-venous vitamin C in high doses has powerful immune boosting properties and is a valuable adjuvant therapy with both chelation and UBI. It is very effective re infectious conditions and, alternating with intra venous hydrogen peroxide, is used as one of the main therapies for cancer.

Other beneficial effects of vitamin C infusions include detoxification, an improved cholesterol profile and improvement with certain hormonal problems, related to e.g. the thyroid and adrenal glands. The importance of antioxidants, such as glutathione, selenium and many others, cannot be overstressed and IV administration provides immediate boosts.

Intra-venous hydrogen peroxide is a very effective anti-viral agent as well as a potent circulation enhancer.

3.4  Acupuncture and Laser

The ancient art of acupuncture is now combined with modern technology. By stimulating acupuncture points with needles, laser and / or electrical impulses, the flow of Qi, that ‘magical vital energy’, through the meridians is enhanced, thus enabling the body to start healing itself. Acupuncture is an effective therapy re numerous conditions, but we use it mostly for painful musculo-sceletal disorders and headaches.

Low energy laser can be used both as an acupuncture tool and for lesser topical problems, such as trigger spots and sprains, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, ganglions, etc.

3.5  Other therapies

Electro-magnetic therapies, such as per frequency and electro-acupuncture devices, are often used for lesser disorders, or as adjuvant therapy regarding painful, neurological, allergic, infectious and other conditions.

The Allergostop programme is a highly effective homeopathic therapy with respect to non-specific desensitisation of allergies and sensitivities.

The Integrative Health Centre also offers regular presentations on many health related topics, such as nutrition, mind-body issues, specific therapies and chronic conditions.

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